KETR Transmitter Replacement Fund

88.9 KETR's analog transmitter has been running nearly continuously since its purchase and installation in 2007. A digital transmitter which has never functioned at full capacity was implemented even earlier. Together, these units were pressed into service in a valiant attempt to serve northeast Texas with reliable news and information at 88.9 MHz across all devices.

Since that time, solid-state transmitter technology and the ability to transmit both digital and analog signals using the same primary equipment has become much more affordable. The capacity for stations to serve audiences with relevant real-time data on their radio screens has also become more accessible and commonplace up and down the dial. And the advent and acceptance of HD Radio allows stations like KETR the opportunity to create multiple radio streams to be accessed on industry-standard car stereos as well as across streaming devices of all types. In fact, the groundwork has already been laid for 88.9 KETR to offer an alternate stream on KETR HD-2 the moment that a new transmitter is operational.

88.9 KETR has selected a class of solid-state transmitters that will allow the station to replace a roomful of aging and occasionally faulty analog and digital transmission equipment with a single unit capable of addressing all of its immediate needs. The price for this project will hover around $120,000 for the equipment and installation, and our hope and plan is to have this new equipment installed and functioning during the early summer of 2021.

88.9 KETR has identified $60,000 in available funding for this effort. We're asking for your help in collecting the remaining $60,000 in order to move forward with this transformational project.

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